Overtime Blues

I’ve returned. I apologize for my prolonged absence, but things became busier than expected.

Where I currently work, certain hours became available, and I took them to make sure there was no gap in coverage. Some days it was 12hrs, others the usual 8. But by the end of it I worked more than a week straight. It was difficult at times, but I was able to accomplish the task.

Working for so many days left me many hours to think, but not much time for anything else. As such the editing slowed to nothing until today, so I’m a little behind schedule. But fear not, I’m still going to get this book finished, I’m just not certain when. If more weeks come like that, it will certainly push back things again. It never feels like there’s enough time in the day, or more rightly, it never feels like I’m well rested enough to do anything when I’m not at work.

As for tired, I’m still exhausted. I’m not sleeping properly at all, and wake up at most every four hours. Tossing and turning is no way to stay abed, and I usually get up for an hour or so and do something, productive or not. I suppose it’s hard to stay asleep when you do that, but I just can’t get comfortable. My muscles ache, but bones crack, apparently I’m getting older. Though when I talk about what I do, most people just say I’m pushing myself too hard. But that’s the job, and how can I expect to be paid if I’m not doing what I’m paid to do?

Honestly I don’t have much else to say today. It was just a very long week, and now hopefully things are back to normal. I’ll be able to get back into my normal sleep schedule(fingers crossed), and get back to writing/editing on my normal weekly basis. If I do, hopefully these last few days of troubled sleep will be resolved, and things will be as they were. A weekly post by me after I edit, with my random thoughts on things I’ve read/watched, or things I’ve thought about.

Until next time, may it be next week, have a good day.


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