The sun, it burns!


Greetings all. I’ve returned, a day late, but still I’m here.

The reason for my late arrival lies with work. For coming on nearly two years now I’ve worked only night shifts. But a need for me to work in the light came this last weekend. I was asked to work two 12hr shifts in the day, and I did. Luckily I had a day before, and a day after to try to alter my sleep schedule back and forth. Tonight I’ll be returning to my usual habits, but it was interesting to see the sun for so many hours.

Now on occasion I’ve woken up in the daylight, and have taken in the beauty that is the day. Never for longer than an hour or so at most, but this weekend was different. Saturday never turned truly bright, but Sunday with the ground being covered by the snow of the day before made the sunlight blinding. I like to think I utilized my time well, and took in as much of it as I could. If only it had been perhaps a little warmer. I would have liked to have basked in the sun, and perhaps finally gotten some naturally produced vitamin D into my system.

Now as to editing, I did a large portion of it today. Lately I’ve taken a couple of days to do as much, but because of my altered schedule I simply put in a few more hours today to work. As to what was needed, mostly tenses were changed. A bit of descriptors were added, but it seems the co-author and I have done a decent job so far. Of course I tend to edit the previous day’s writing before I start writing anything new, so that probably has something to do with it. But of course this is just my first pass, and as I’ve said I’ll likely be a bit harsher next time around. I’m just looking for spelling and proper word usage for the most part now. Of course I’m looking for consistency, but that’ll be my focus next time around, then I’ll be back to word usage for the third time. The fourth time will be for consistency again, and if that passes, I should be done with my editing. Then it’ll be time for others to take a look through the story.

Otherwise that’s about all I’ve been up to. I’ve read a couple of books, watched some movies and television shows, but that’s about all. The day to day isn’t all that exciting, so unless someone clamors for those hours I while away at nothing, I’ll leave it at that.

Until next time, have a good week.

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