Another week of editing


Hello to you all. I of course have returned.

Tired again, as I worked another 12hour shift over the weekend. Filled with walking, as is usual, and nothing much else to be done. From a sunset to a sunrise with only my own council to entertain me, I grew ever tired as the hours slipped by.

However, today I awoke earlier than my body wished, and set to editing once more. Currently it seems I might be getting around an estimated 4% edited each week, so it is going faster than writing had. Though I think it shall slow down in the next pass, so that percentage will stop ticking by so quickly in future weeks. Perhaps not for a month, but certainly when I start from the beginning once more.

I’m enjoying the story, which I have with other things I’ve written and edited in the past, but I find it’s lacking the frustrating feature that I had noted with my other books. I’m not finding places where I had been unable to fully explain, or illustrate some emotion, or to describe the world correctly. The co-author does a very good job of doing so, and now all I find I’m changing are tenses, or perhaps slightly misspelled or misplaced words. It’s enjoyable instead of frustrating editing this, and I think there is little in the way of huge changes that will need to be made. But of course this is only the first pass.

So, as I’m still rather tired, I think I shall end this here. Perhaps a nap will do, or perhaps I shall just attempt a relaxing evening. Either way, I hope your week greets you, and that it is a pleasant one.


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Update: An estimated 8% into editing

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