The Nature of the book

Greetings and salutations friends.

I have just finished writing the final scene, and put the last words to this book. Well, my own final words, besides editing in a few when I go back through a few more times. There also is a scene the co-author wishes to write in, and we’ll see how many more words that’ll be.

This book is different from my earlier ones. How you might ask? Well, it’s not science fiction. Indeed, it is written in a fantasy motif. One that relies heavily on the mythology of the Norse people. I’ve for many years delved into the historical documents one might find of this culture, the best one being the Poetic Eddas. Compiled by a Christian monk in Iceland, who seemed to have been fascinated by their way of composing their epics, and relying on oral traditions to make sure they are passed on to the next generation. He took it upon himself to be one of the first to compile all the poems he could into a book.

There have been some issues historians put upon the accuracy of the book, since the author was a man of Christian faith. He would sometimes inject his particular view upon what he put to page, however once you realize that it isn’t difficult to find where those changes are.

The Poetic Eddas, along with many other sources, hopefully helped me write accurately about the perspective of the people of this world, and the many others that exist in such a universe. We took as few liberties with the source material as we could, but of course their will be some changes that those who are knowledgeable about the subject will notice. However as there are many missing poems, due to the nature of oral history. That being the case I think much of what was written by us could easily be allowed to pass as appropriate.

So now will come the time of making this first draft into the final one. No longer will I be spending my free hours writing new lines, save where they might be needed to smooth out the plot. Some have said this is their least favorite part of writing, but I find it fun to re-read a story I’ve written. There certainly can be days where it seems tedious, especially when it’s my fifth time starting from the very beginning. But in the end I find it easier than making up whole new plot points, or trying to write those final words.

It can come as a bit of a downer when you realize the characters that you’ve spent so much time with, or at the very least the world you built, their time is over. There’s nothing left to be said about their adventures, at least in terms of where the plot was heading from the very beginning, and you are done. Fortunately I can always imagine writing another story, even if it isn’t in this world that I’ve made, or we’ve made in this case. But I always miss these people I’ve imagined.

But that’s all I have for you today. My ramblings about finishing up a draft, and the nature of this book. I hope you all have as good fortune to work on something you love in this life as I. I’ll talk to you next time. TTFN


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