So very close to the end

Hello all. I’ve come back once more.

The book is going extremely well, and we are very close to the end of the first draft. There is only the final scene to write, though of course the editing process will likely take some time. We might have to fill in certain areas, and take away a few things as we go along, but I’m feeling very good about this book.

It’s been a fun ride, if not a long one to get this book finished. At first it was just a joke idea, then it transformed into something more. Certainly I think this one is a little more jovial than my previous works, but that’s in large part thanks to the help of the co-author. I can be rather straight forward, though I do try to put in little humorous things as I go along, but mostly it’s self-referential. That may not be the best kinds of jokes, but they make me smile. They on the other hand have a sense of timing that I cannot compare to, and an eye for the strange things that make life more amusing than humdrum. I’m very lucky to have been able to work with them more completely on this book than my previous ones.

The co-author had been an editor on my first few published works, but since we came up with the idea of this particular book together, I almost forced the idea that we work together on it. Luckily they agreed, and we’ve been taking turns at the project over the last year. I’d write a beginning, and they’d continue. And we’d both bounce back and forth correcting each others mistakes, and rewording scenes to fit what each of our vision of the story was.

Working more closely with another writer can be difficult, especially for me. I tend to write stream of consciousness, but you can’t do that when you have another person who had idea’s for how the book should come along. I’m not frustrated by this, as we’ve been able to meet and discuss future scenes, as that can make it easier to write towards. However since it’s not just my book, I can’t take my wild tangents without first reflecting upon what we both agreed upon previously. In the end though I think that makes this book more concise, or at least focused on a goal, as opposed to my natural tendency to let the characters do whatever they want. Since it’s two minds working to make these fictional people, we occasionally have different interpretations as to how they’d react. But to my mind that makes them seem perhaps more natural, as they all aren’t just my own interpretation of how a person should react. I’m more focused on the logical side, though I try to throw little nonsensical reactions in if the situation calls for it. Again luckily the co-author is better at reacting with other feelings in mind.

In the end I think this collaboration is helping me become a better writer. I think I might ask them again to collaborate on future works, as we seem extremely compatible. The other books I had been working on before starting this book are calling me though, and unless they want to help more closely than editing as they’ve done in the past, I shall return to them when we finish with this one. I’m encouraging them to work on the books they told me of previously they had in mind, so we may go our separate ways to work on them when we finish with this one. But I think we’ll wind up helping edit those books together.

Until next time, I hope you have a great week. Talk to you again soon!

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Update: 125.8% of first draft complete.

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