Devilman Crybaby

Greetings once more.

This weekend I watched a new Netflix show called Devilman Crybaby at the recommendation of the co-author. There had been some buzz among the on-line community of anime lovers, so I figured I’d give it a go.

The show revolves around Akira, who tends to cry all the time, as he is very sensitive to others pain. A friend from his past shows up and asks him to join him in revealing to the world that there are demons hunting them down. After a very adult series of events, a demon comes to take Akira and posses him, but unfortunately for the demon, Akira posses him. This all happens in the first episode, which I will say moves rather quickly. I think mostly so they can get into the main story of the newly powerful “Devilman” Akira fighting demons, but it seems like it was a pilot episode. The rest of the series does move quickly, but not nearly as fast as that first one.

I had watched the first animated version of this show back in the 90’s, and all I could recall of it was that it was extremely violent, and this new version lives up to that, and perhaps goes a bit further. I’ve gone back and watched a few scenes from the original, and it made me remember why I loved it. The dub is hilarious, though unintentionally, and somehow they carried that on into this new version. Though not as ham-fisted, it still posses certain beats that made me love it even more.

This show hit all the sweet spots for me. Nostalgic, dark, and sad. Certainly there are a few moments of humor, unintentional and intentional, but for the most part it’s a dark and sad story. The last half of the show had me crying, and feeling very depressed. In fact when I got through it I had to find something to clear that sadness away so I could get to bed. But looking back on it now a few days later, I can say it’s one of the best things I’ve seen in a while.

Now the art style used can be a bit off-putting at first, but as you go on, at least for me, that just kind of fades away. Yes certain movements of the characters looks unnatural, but that makes sense if you realize that they aren’t fully human, or are simply demons in their own right.

If I were to have any complaint, besides some of the more over the top moments, the final scene of the show doesn’t tell the whole story. I had to be enlightened by what it meant, at least more wholly, and when I knew what was happening it made me love the show even more. Unfortunately if I were to explain it here without you having seen the show it might ruin a bit of it, so I’ll just leave it to you to seek out the meaning elsewhere. But I will say that it made all other works before in the Devilman universe that much more enjoyable. Including the original, Devil Lady, and even Cutie Honey, as he appears that as well.

So do I recommend this show? Yes, but I think older anime fans will get something more out of it. Those who’ve never watched anime might be put off by the violence and sex, or they might think all anime is like that, but no. This anime stands on its own these days. I’ve not seen anything like this in decades, even other violent shows. This is Devilman, nothing beats Devilman.

With that I’ll just say there was quite a bit of progress made in the new book, so I’m hopeful in the next month or so we’ll be finished with the first draft. I’ll talk to you next week. Until then be well.


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