Car Maintenance, and an update

Howdy folks, I’m back.

So this past week I had to take my car in for service. As some of you know I have a new VW Beetle, and I happen to love it. The issue I had was that some console lights started coming on. One was for low tire pressure, which I attempted to resolve by putting more air in the tires. This was not affective. Another was that when it started to get cold a low oil light would come on, until I started driving it for a bit. Eventually it didn’t go away, and another light came on that said I wouldn’t be able to go above 4,000 rpm’s. Of course this all meant it was time to take it in to be looked at.

As I work at night, and I can’t be bothered, or even force myself to do anything when the sun is up, it took a few days for me to actually get it in. Dropping it off before I fell asleep, and then waking up way to early, for me, to pick it up. A rather expensive transaction as I had to get tires replaced, and almost every other maintenance thing done to it as well. Not a cheap transaction, though it was a couple of hundred dollars cheaper than the original estimate, which is good, still my poor bank account took a large hit. But the car is running well now, and all lights have returned to their off position.

Also, I finished Lillyhammer last evening. I can say that the show kept getting better as the series went along, and I recommended it. Johnny kept doing what needed to be done, and continued to stick his nose into everything. As a Mafia guy you’d think it all be intimidation and pay outs, but to me it always seemed he was just trying his best for his new home in Norway and his new-found friends. Sure he isn’t always attempting to help others, and does things that would befit himself, but in the end he isn’t going about things using force without first trying to resolve issues peacefully. You could do worse than having Johnny as a friend, though you might not want to get too close or he might call upon you to do something you might not otherwise do.

I’ve additionally been reading the Bobby Dollar series by Tad Williams. It’s somewhat like a detective noir series with the main character who happens to be an angel. I enjoyed the first book, and that led me to reading the second. I’m still not sure about it though. Instead of being set on Earth/the mortal realm, our protagonist is now searching through hell for the girl he fell in love with. While it does an interesting job of describing the “hell-scape”, and how you really don’t want to wind up down there, I’ve found myself somewhat bored with it. It’s missing some of that noir aspect that I enjoyed from the first, and I’m unsure if I’ll continue the series after this book. Though I still will recommend the first book, The Dirty Streets of Heaven.

This all being said, I’ve only done some editing and adding to what has already been written for this new book of ours. Just going back is letting me see how well the narrative has been worked, and I can say that I find it all coming together quite well.

Until next we meet, have a good week.


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