The Ed Wood Movie

Friends and readers, I have returned. Welcome.

This week I suppose I’ll talk about another movie I watched over my weekend. Ed Wood.

There’s something wonderful about a story where your main character has such a passionate vision that they can’t help but succeed in at least producing what they wished. Not to say that what they make is amazing, but what is amazing is the fact they were able to make anything at all. However, after watching this film about a notorious film maker, I went ahead and watched his most well-known movie. Plan 9 From Outerspace. What an awful piece of work. But amusingly enough it matches with what they showed in Ed Wood.

Now Ed Wood the movie may not be accurately portraying the person Ed Wood, but that almost doesn’t matter. It in itself is an entertaining thing on its own. Johnny Depp is very good at being a quirky but passionate character, but the person who stands out is the actor portraying Bela Lugosi.  Martin Landau is incredible in this. He plays the two sides of Bela so well, and adds much-needed gravitas to such an interesting person from film. In the end I highly recommend this movie, especially if you want to see one of the best, and possibly last good Tim Burton films.

As for the book, it has way over shot where I thought I wanted the word count to be. Then again that isn’t all together awful. It just means that I can trim it down with edits if it needs it easier than if there were fewer words and still reach the size I envisioned. Then again, since this will likely published as an e-book, it really doesn’t matter how long it is, as long as it isn’t dragged down by those words. But as it is now there are still at least 3 important scenes, and a few in-betweens that need to be written up. So who knows when that’ll be finished as I’m waiting on one scene from the other author, and want some input before I begin where I left off today. But it is growing, and I’m liking what we have so far.

Until next time, that’s all I have for you today. Have a good week.



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