Working with Someone you trust

Greetings Friends.

Another week has passed, as you probably are aware. Again here is my update.

I did a fair amount of editing, which again didn’t leave much time for writing. Luckily I’ve completely caught up with where the co-author had gotten to, and even was able to add a bit more to the story. They have a good notion of where they’re going with this particular scene, so I didn’t add too much.

We’ve talked about what we want here, but they have such a clear picture it makes it hard for me to add too much, but I’m doing my best. From the last bits that I added they did a fair amount of work letting it stand, but adding pieces I hadn’t thought to do.

The more we do this the easier it is for me to write. I have confidence in them being able to still write what they want, and having them change what I put down. It’s nice to have someone who I can trust to work with. I know they’ll make anything I write better, and I feel I can do the same for them.

As for editing, I’ve done a fair amount. I can’t say I’ve completely gotten caught up to where we are, but I’ve done a large portion. I didn’t have to change too much so far, so that’s good. Apparently we’re decent at avoiding certain things that trigger the program I’m running, so I guess that’s good. I don’t have complete confidence in it, but it has caught a few things as I go through. The only issue I have with it, if it’s even a problem, is that I have to be looking at where it’s editing. Meaning I can just have it run through the book on its own, and have it then highlight any issues. I have to manually scroll while I read to double-check things. Not really a problem for me, as that’s what I do anyway when I’m editing, though I do like to run grammar and spell checks a few times before I get down to reading. Just makes it a bit easier on me.

Anyway, I guess that’s about it. I’m not living some crazy exciting lifestyle, so I’ll catch you all next week. Have a good one.

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