Writing in sections

Well last week went by rather quickly. Not much happened, so I suppose it is to be expected for the days to pass by in rapid succession.

Anyway, I did get some more writing in, as did the co-author. I only wrote a few days myself last week, but they finished as much as I did in one day. That’s rather amazing. Of course I usually only give myself a few hours at most, but they spent the majority of a day writing.

I went through what they had written, and it’s rather surprising to see that the way we write is so very similar. I’d be surprised that when we finish and publish if anyone could tell which sections were handled by which one of us. Of course we go through each other’s work, and make corrections we think are needed, so there is always going to be a part of each of us in any part, but it all flows very well together.

I’m still trying to catch up with where they jumped ahead, though I’m fairly sure I’ll be there by the end of the week at least. I thought the same thing last week, but it seems I’m having a bit of fun where I am, and am slightly loath to move to where they’re writing. They have a good picture of what they want there, so I’m hesitant to try to write those scenes. I might just jump even further ahead to avoid that.

Tis an interesting thing to work this way. I’m used to writing the story all the way through, then going back and adding or taking away. But writing in sections has its advantages. It means that I could if I wanted write away from the saved files I have, and then go back and paste that in. I haven’t, that’s not my way, but I could if I wanted.

That all being said, I must leave for now. I’ve got some other things I want to do before I head into work. So until next Monday, have a great week.

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