Views of the future from the past, and work-ethic

Last evening I was entertained by watching several old cartoons on YouTube from the 1950’s. Within these short animated films I was shown how people of that time saw the possible future, and what they suspected our technology would be like.

First off the horrible sexism that exists in these films is rampant. Not only that, but someone must have really hated their mother-in-law as she was the but of much of the jokes. Then again most people were shown in a horrible light. The wife was only there to supply food and spend money. The children were horrible whiners that deserved a good slap. The father was a drunken letch.

Far from being fascinated with these concepts of the future world they imagined I was more horrified on how they depicted people. I understand they were supposed to be caricatures, and perhaps even my less than PC view of the world is too rough a critic on such things, but I was left feeling ashamed to have come from such people.

Eventually I forced myself to relax and view them as a historic depiction of our past, and I was able to laugh at the absurdity of it all. Not only that but how little we have accomplished with the goals of the 50’s. There are no flying cars… but we do have planes. No self driving cars… oh wait we do have that. No television that won’t be disturbed by passing planes… oh wait, the internet and cable usually handles that. Nevermind, it seems we have come far, it’s just some things are not widely available, such as driverless cars. But the shortened workday was brought up… it was depicted as basically a 4 hour day, with a 2 hour lunch… Not in this economy!

There was a point in time when the job market was thriving, and a person could easily access a job. Maybe not a great one, but work nonetheless. These days, I’ve found with my own search of months and months, that it is very hard to get a job. Even one involving food service! I’m lucky that I have a place to work, and I cherish the hours of labor I am able to put into this work. Because it means I get paid to work.

On the other hand I have met people, who have jobs, and then feel entitled to laze about and not work. That makes me rather upset. When I am asked to come into work, I am there to work. Why would they pay me just to stand around? I’m sure I’m amusing enough company to entertain many, but I’m being paid/employed to do a job. Apparently this is one of my hot buttons, and I get rather aggravated easily about it. I’ve been told to mind my own business when I see such idle laziness, and I try… I try very hard. It certainly isn’t my place to ensure a co-worker works, but if I care about them and a co-worker I would think they should be working. Unless they want to be let go sooner rather than later.

Perhaps I should just let things play out, and work as I do. However if there are more people working the job gets done faster, and I’m all about that. But I suppose I should listen to others, as the system should work. A supervisor will eventually notice any idleness, and point the fact out. It is not for me to say such things. Then again I rather work be fair. I will certainly take on a larger role when it comes to working. I like working, and I take pride in the fact I can do so much, and do it well. However when it comes to light that an individual is just there to get paid, which is a legitimate reason to go into work, I can sometimes get upset. You are there to work…. and by working you get paid. It is not that you showed up, and then magically you are granted money, you must put effort into the task.

That all being said, I don’t dislike anyone because of this. I understand their viewpoint, I can just sometimes get carried away with my motivation to see things get done. I might be a difficult boss to please, but I’m even harder on myself than anyone else. I give leeway to others where I’m extremely rigid with myself. If my break is only so minutes long, I will get back to work immediately. Many others I’ve notice do not, and take their time to start back up. It isn’t hours later, merely minutes, but I can understand it can take some people time to shift back into work mode. When I’m at work however I’m always in work mode, and I don’t think many can live up to that.

Blah blah blah, I’m done with my little rant. All this being said I’m still working on the latest book, and in my head I’m outlining a new one.

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