Nostalgia Morning.

I woke up from a dream about my house being torn down. In the dream I was so grieved by its loss that I was in tears. In reality it was torn down, and sold, but I don’t feel bad about it.

The house was merely where I lived for 7 or so years. Yes I have some fond memories of the place, but as with most things it will never truly be gone as long as I remember it. I liked living there for the most part, though it could be quite a distance from places I’d like to go. Now being more centrally located I can go out and do more, but I usually don’t take advantage of such things.

Following the dream, I wound up in the living room listening to nostalgic anime openings and closings. If you’ve not experiences such emotions before the best explanation I can give for it is that it is a mixture of happy and sad. Happy that these memories can be stimulated simply by a song, but sad they are in the past. You can never re-experience the first time of anything. And I think that’s what I am mourning when tears fill my eyes.

While I’ve gone back and watched some of these shows again, sometimes multiple times, it’s not the same as when I had no idea what was going to happen next. The only ones that really get to me each time are Katanagatari’s ending, and Angel Beats. Katanagatari starts off slow, and has moments of rapid dialogue that at times outshines even the beautiful, if not old style, animation. But that ending. Man, it gets me every time. However Angel Beats, that destroys me each time. The tears that are ripped out of me at that ending can effect me for days, hence why I don’t watch it often. But if you are in the mood for being obliterated by a story, take a watch. It’s silly, it’s sad, it’s amazing.

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Some days it’s tough to get motivated, but when I hear the music play I’m ready for the day.

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