Creative Exhaustion

Pouring my soul into my words

Empty and bare becomes my mind

I succumb to the feel of depression

and am bound by the darkness I find within

The only escape is that of logic

Goals formerly set light a path

and force me to place one foot in front of another

I then move ahead in hopes of the light’s return

I burn like a torch to light my own way

when each morning brightens to day

but soon the fuel is gone

and smoke is all that remains

ash and gloom fill the room

and I want nothing more than to do naught

I hope the effort I put forth is worthwhile

but I worry it is not

I want so much to be

but doubt is all I have

At least each day has a dawn

and like a moth to a flame

I am drawn

Ever to try

ever to go on

What I’ve published



The Outsider Series

Deatship - Book 1 of the Outsider SeriesStarship - Book 2 of the Outsider SeriesPageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00072]

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Update – 1,018 words written for the new book

“It wasn’t that she was sad—sadness had very little to do with it, really, considering that most of the time, she felt close to nothing at all. Feeling required nerves, connections, sensory input. The only thing she felt was numb. And tired. Yes, she very frequently felt tired.”
― Nenia Campbell

Steven Oaks

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