Attitude Issue

I’ve a problem. When I have nothing good to say, I generally don’t say anything. I try to stay positive, and say nothing if I know it might harm another. I think I care about things a little differently than another. My emotions are mostly locked away, and even when someone is dying I don’t think I get too upset, unless they have something to give the rest of us,  like Robin Williams, or Terry Pratchett.

This attitude can be hurtful. So I generally keep it to myself. I can’t give any good words when it comes to death. I don’t feel sorrow when a person dies, not really. I feel more regret that no new memories will happen with them. They will never be gone for me though, as long as I remember them.

I have no wish for anyone to die, rather I just don’t seem to feel the intensity that others do around these circumstances. For this I apologize. I will be silent around discussions about such things, and that would be the reason. I simply don’t feel what you do. I do have sympathy, but apparently that isn’t empathy because my emotions are not parallel to others.

Just know that I wish everyone well.

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“The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.”
― Mark Twain

Steven Oaks

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