Tribalism in the Modern World

Perhaps the best things in life are free because we evolved without money for so long. We may not have been loners, but we grew from tribes. In tribes we had to share for our mutual survival. Giving things without expecting returns, except for continued relationships, is one of the greatest feelings we have.

The idea of gift giving, especially in the winter, seems to have multiple purposes. We give gifts to grow closer to those we care about of course, but it could also help survival during a harsh season. Also, it gives us the opportunity to see if they were making it, or if they needed any help. We give what we have, to share our prosperity and to gain from others. This is the communal ideal.

These days we’ve grown out of tribes. Most of us living in large enough communities perhaps know our immediate neighbor, but you wouldn’t be expected to know everyone on your block. We unconsciously isolate ourselves from those around us.

So how do we live now? Living communally or in tribes does not make sense anymore, though emotionally we all still strive for it. We seek out others of similar mindsets to our own, and make friends into family, or focus all our attention on family. We find these people in real life, or on-line. They become our tribe, and our state or country means less than what our little group does.

We then can’t understand how anyone else could view the world differently than we do. We are less able to affect change in people because we find it harder to get our points across to those that view the world differently. We all want happiness, but what makes us happy is different, so we try to pass laws that we like, and don’t worry when others are oppressed because it affects us not. We get angry when people begin to hate us, when all we were trying to do was help. We think we are being persecuted so we oppress more. Conflicts grow to war, or revolution, and the cycle begins again.

I think some new form of government, or civilization will arise from all of this. Systems rise and fall all the time, and even if it is centuries hence, I do believe what we have today will go the way of so many of those in the past have.

The Internet allows us able to have these tribes again, and yet it isn’t the same thing. You can certainly count on them. They are friends like any other. But it can also lead to an insular view of the world, where everyone not like you is so wrong because everyone you know agrees with what you say.

In the end, a tribal viewpoint of the world was a wonderful thing, but only when we were less populous. Now there are simply too many of us to ban together. We aren’t even geographically close to those who might share our viewpoint more wholeheartedly. But it may be the starting point for something new and wonderful.

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“But in some great souls, who consider themselves as citizens of the world, and forcing the imaginary barriers that separate people from people…”
― Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Steven Oaks

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