A picture of the original draft for Deathship

I was discussing how I began writing the Outsider Series last night, and I recalled that I had started by writing it out by hand. It has changed vastly from that first incarnation, and may even spin off other stories because of that change.

I originally was given a notebook by my friend Stefanie, and she encouraged me to write. I began scribbling down notes, and poems into it, but on my free time at work I began to tell a story. A story that had been in my mind for years, and had even began writing in another notebook long-lost.

Sadly this latest notebook was drenched from a water bottle I carried with me everywhere, and I lost a fair amount of what was written within. But I still have it, and I thought I would share an image of it with you.


Forgive my horrendous handwriting, and inability to spell. I was writing off the cuff, and would even use shorthand when an idea struck me, as I feared I would lose it if I didn’t write fast enough.


What I’ve published

poems_front2Deatship - Book 1 of the Outsider SeriesStarship - Book 2 of the Outsider Series

Link to my author page on Amazon – hhttp://www.amazon.com/Steven-Oaks/e/B00MEGSEZ6

Link to the Deathship book in the CreateSpace store – https://www.createspace.com/5023771

Or you can help me out on Patreon. Again, thank you. https://www.patreon.com/StevenOaks

Update – I’ve returned to the beginning of the book to quadruple, or more, check for any errors, or if I can spruce it up until the cover art is completed.

“Max never intended to be messy with his writing, which he could read just fine, years later if necessary, even if his teachers couldn’t. He merely found that his active mind tended to move too fast for his hand to keep up with.”
― Sol Luckman

Steven Oaks

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