Announcing the Title of the Third Outsider book.

Edits are basically finalized for my last Outsider novel. So I shall announce the name of this third book.

Warship: Book 3 of the Outsider Series

The editor and I finished a run through Friday, and I’ve gone back and made sure of any change, or the wording this last weekend, and today. I hope to have it out shortly, but I’ve a bit of work to do on it yet. Formatting and the like still needs adjusting.

So if you have not already, go forth and read the first two books. I hope you enjoy this little world I have made.


What I’ve published

poems_front2Deatship - Book 1 of the Outsider SeriesStarship - Book 2 of the Outsider Series

Link to my author page on Amazon – h

Link to the Deathship book in the CreateSpace store –

Or you can help me out on Patreon. Again, thank you.

Update – Oatmeal and tea have powered these books, but also friends. Thanks to them for getting me this far.

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”
― Oscar Wilde

Steven Oaks

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