Closer, yet still more to come

The last Outsider book just took another step forward closer to completion. I’ve yet again made another run through of it, and found it mostly in good standing. Though I did make some minor changes, and elaborated here and there, I think it was already on its way to being my best work yet. I’ll just have to have the editors make some time for it before I will publish.

That being said, the ending I had before left me feeling less than pleased. It is now in a state I think of as good. I’ll want some feedback before I do much else with it, but it might even be great. I can’t wait to have it available for reading, but it is difficult to find the time for it to be worked on these days.

Perhaps it is now time I go back to writing my other book. I’ve left it alone far too long, and I think I’ll have to read through what I’ve written already before I make a stab at finishing it. That’s what I did with this last Outsider book, and perhaps that is why I think it is in such good shape. I really need to get the feel back for this other story, it’s very different from the Outsider series. More visceral, perhaps, and more mature.

There are some topics I tend not to want to write about, but I’m forcing myself out of my comfort zone with this book. I did so with this last Outsider book, and maybe that’s why I like reading it again so much. Darker, less friendly and cheerful, though still much lighter than my newest book. So if I want to feel good about these things I might have to delve into the things I dislike discussing… which is strange since I like talking about so much. Perhaps it is my reserved nature about certain topics. We shall see.


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Update – The third Outsider book is in good shape, just need editors to finish looking at it.

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

Steven Oaks

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