Happy Holidays

What do you plan to do during this holiday? Do you plan to just stay home, or are you going out to see friends and family? Is it important to do anything different, or is it alright to just have it be another day, albeit a day off?

Let’s start off by me explaining what I plan to do. I’ll have some people over tonight and tomorrow. We shall be enjoying each others company while we do our regular things. Nothing unusual, but the celebratory nature of the season should spice up the gathering. Simple gifts may be exchanged, but mostly we’ll be doing our usual thing.

Should we be doing more? I don’t think that’s required. It’s your day to do with as you please. If you want to do nothing, then do nothing. I plan on watching the Hogfather again, as I think it’s wonderful. Based upon the book with the same title this is a three-hour made for tv movie. I’ve been watching it for years in my own version of celebration. I’ve shared it with a few people over the years, and they seem to like it. Perhaps this year more will be converted to its use as a holiday special. Want to know more, look it up. I’ll just say that I think it brings up many interesting topics.

This all being said, I hope you have a good winter celebration, whatever it is. I’ll be celebrating the winter solstice. Though that was this last Sunday, I tend to do so until the end of the year, ending with the New Year’s Eve party. I hope you have as much fun, or more than I will.


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Update –  I’m on break until Friday. I just wanted to wish you all a very merry variety of winter holiday celebration of whatever type you celebrate, heh.

“I find it inspiring to actively choose which traditions to celebrate and also come up with new ideas for traditions of my own.”
― Sara Sheridan

Steven Oaks

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