Almost Done

I have reached the word count that I consider enough for this book. However there is so much more that needs to be said. I could finish it rapidly and say, that’s enough. But I think that would not be satisfying to anyone. But I expect to be done with this third book either next week or the week after.

This particular book has been a trial as I have been trying to work on both the first and the second while writing it. I took perhaps a bit too much time away from it, but so far I am satisfied with what progress has been made. I’m in the final sprint of this marathon I have set down for myself.

Soon it will be time to start working on another story in another world, and I will miss these people I have created. I am undecided if they will ever appear again, either as others remembering them, or as new stories about themselves. However that really depends how the book winds up. I have an ending in mind, but these characters tend to get notions of their own. Try as I might to fight them, they still have done as they wished the entire time. The first two books were not as difficult for me as they generally behaved, but now that they realized I’ll let them have their way at times they just go out and have fun. Perhaps fun isn’t the right word, they simply act. Truly this has been a unique experience for me, and I look forward to creating and meeting new people I make.

Sunday I worked all day on getting the first book into actual print, and that was an ordeal. However it was approved and I have ordered a proof sent to me. If I approve of what they have done soon you all will be able to hold in your hands the slim volume of Deathship. It turns out all the calculations I made to meet 300 pages was off by a vast amount. It seems it winds up being about 220 pages. I’m ashamed at this number, but it does not stop me from writing.

I hope you all do not look down on such a short piece of work. The second book is just about as short, so don’t expect some random magnum opus to appear. As the third book shapes up I believe it will be similar as well. Together it might be considered a long book, but separately they are short. But this is how I write. Perhaps my next book or series will be longer and reach the length I desire, but for now my first series will be a short one, though I think filled with many ideas that have not been written about before.


Please take a look

Please take a look

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Update –  1,000 words written in the third novel. Got to hang out for a bit with a unique person with a completely different perspective on life. Because I am me I asked questions and set up hypothetical scenarios to find out more about them. All in all it was an entertaining afternoon.

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”
C.S. Lewis

– Steven Oaks

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