Third time the charm

I have now read through my novel a total of three times. Finding errors brought me great anger at my own lack of skill. However I know that mistakes are always made. To err is human, and I am very much a human, though I fight it often enough. Striving for perfection is a fault, or a curse that I have placed upon myself. I now hope that it can be read in its entirety without too much to change before I publish. I will send it off once more to be read through by a third individual, and when it returns I will look through it again. I hope for few mistakes, but I know there may still be some I missed. Being swayed by my own arrogance, and enjoyment of my own tale may have led me astray of the perfection I hope for. Which is why I am glad there are people willing to help me on this journey. However I am only a writer, and know little of the marketing of what I create. I could simply hope for my story to speak for itself, and have people begin to read it, but I know that will only allow people who know me personally, or their friends, to finally read what I have written. So as a simple plea, I ask all of those that read this to please alert others that a new novel is coming. I would of course ask those who have the skill to help me market it, but they usually ask for money. And as I have stated earlier in these musings I am short on funds. I had to quit working a regular job to even make this attempt, and my savings grow smaller each day because of this selfish act. Perhaps I should have waited until I had amassed even more money, but that would have hindered my ability to write. Nor could I continue to work a regular job to do this. The words would not come, save in small doses. Even editing was something I was unable to do while working, and for that I think I am worse off than some. This is my passion, but I was having it stolen from me by putting all my efforts into trying to work. So in conclusion, I am nearly finished polishing this work, but I need your help to let others know it is coming. I will need even more help when it has finally reached publication. I thank you for continuing to read these random writings of mine, and look forward to your review of my first novel.

Update – more than 10 pages reviewed. Things look great with my own eyes. Please help a fellow human make their dreams reality.

“You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.” ― Ray Bradbury

– Steven Oaks

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