What is the point of being polite? Why can’t we just rush forth with brutal honesty, and let others know how we really feel? Is there anything wrong with telling someone they are not welcomed when they come knocking on our doors unbidden? Well being so honest would certainly clear up any doubt as to whether you wanted them around. However we are not singular entities. We live in cities, and work with others. Even an author does not work alone. They have people who review their work, and have to advertise their creations. If I were to say that I did not like something, or someone, would that not limit the type of people who would read my books? I am not saying be dishonest, but be polite. Rudeness is something that casts sand into the gears of interacting with others, and politeness is the grease that allows us to work together without friction. I never turn aside an intruder into my daily life if I can as easily talk with them about the reason they have come. Of course if they persist when I state as diplomatically as possible that I am uninterested in what they have to sell me I might use the tool of rudeness. Rudeness is a last resort, at least before violence. All of us are people, and many are just doing their job. There is no reason to treat them any worse than you would treat your closest friend. And who knows you may make one in the exchange. Aggression is something that is needed at times as some will not be turned away, but again to do so right off the bad shows how little you care for your fellow person. Show kindness and you will find it more often than not returned. Show aggression, and you will find that as well. If you desire peace from your fellow person, show them the peace you wish to have.

Update – 10 pages reviewed. I find it an enjoyable thing to read, and I hope you will as well soon.

In truth, politeness is artificial good humor, it covers the natural want of it, and ends by rendering habitual a substitute nearly equivalent to the real virtue. – Thomas Jefferson

– Steven Oaks

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