Belief in the Unknowable

Do you wake up and wonder where you have been while sleeping? Most of us would think that we have simply laid there in bed for the hours of rest while our minds wander with our own thoughts. Do we know this? Someone may sit with you while you sleep, and they could tell you they observed that you did not move from that spot. And yet you can retain memories from that other world that you dreamed of. Are those memories false, or are they in someway true? We only live in our own minds, and the world we observe exists only there. Dreams are the truth to you. They can be shared with another, but they will not hold the same truth to them. They would only see that you stayed in one place when you experienced this other realm. Our truth is personal, and it cannot be shared with another fully. You can describe everything you have lived through, but that does not make it a truth. I have seen people leap over tables to avoid food flung in a food fight. Something that no human could possibly do, as the table was massive and high off the ground. I have seen televisions flick to life while no cord has been plugged in. I can say these things, but that does not mean it can happen. I can list a multitude of unexplainable things I have experienced, but that does not mean it is truth. Our minds can be easily tricked, as they are not observing in a void. Past experiences taint what we see. There is no such thing as an observer without prior experiences. We may set a camera out to catch things happening, and yet they can be tricked, and can trick anyone who looks at it. Filming an apparent ghost, you could show it to anyone, and we would see a specter. We have been told since we were very young the frightening tales of apparitions, and a cloud of smoke unexplained will make us see things that are not there. The mind is powerful, and will make a world that you expect to see. Your life is your experiences. And you only have your own truth. Another may give you ideas if you let them, and you will see something like they do. But the world only exists within yourself.

Update – 10 more pages reviewed and enhanced. Life is good.

There is nothing here, and yet everything is.

– Steven Oaks

One thought on “Belief in the Unknowable

  1. Steve, most of us at one time or another soul travel while asleep. We don’t always remember these visits to other worlds however memories of these experiences are much more vivid than dreams, often to places you don’t recognize and with people you don’t know in this life. Thanks for visiting and following my blog…I find yours interesting and thought-provoking.


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