Is fiction a lie?

I sit here and think to myself today about working in fiction. I am writing a story based upon thoughts that I have had, and about events that have never happened. I am one who thinks lying is a terrible thing, and yet I am making things up as I go when I write. Am I then a liar? Are all fiction authors liars then? Well a lie is used to deceive others, and what I and others write in the fiction genre are known to be fictitious. Therefore there is no intended deception. I find great relief in that notion, as I have no interest in deceiving anyone. Ask me any question, and either I will answer it honestly, or say nothing. While I am not in myself an open book, I will not mislead anyone. Or at the very least attempt not to. Things can be read into silence, but what fills that void is what the audience thinks, and not anything from me. Liars hinder the listeners ability to have a true understanding of the world, and therefore keep them from making correct choices about things. Fiction is a playground filled with interesting thoughts, ideas, and understandings. As long as it is known that you are telling a tale, and not some fact, everything is fine. Even if it is misunderstood that you are telling fiction, you are not at fault. Take the War of the Worlds broadcast. It was always intended to be received as fiction, and yet some of the audience took it as truth. This was not the producers fault, as the listeners did not pay enough attention, and deceived themselves. The intent was entertainment, not mass panic. So again the authors of that audio play was not to blame for others misunderstandings. The things not said were taken and misinterpreted. So pay attention to the world around you, and do not let yourself be mislead. Truth is what you make it, but fiction is only a truth in your own mind.

Update – 10 pages reviewed, things going much smoother.

Listen my dear audience, the silence is filled with your own voice. The tale you hear is not one I shared, but the one you made. Enjoy or hate, but it is yourself that you reflect in the void.

– Steven Oaks

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