Once more to the editing

I have finished what I can on the first novel, so I’ve moved on to reviewing my second one. Things are going well, and only a little needed to be changed based upon the last edits of the first book. I am still noticing a few misplaced words here and there, but I think that is mainly due to having just come off of working at a place that stressed me out so much. It seemed to start off rougher than the last book, so I changed it up a bit, and am now happier with what I have. The long process of re-reading begins anew, and at least I have it to work with. I might take some time while editing to begin the third book, but I have not decided yet whether or not that would be wise, as things may still changed based upon what I see.

Today I also plan to see my ex-wife, whom I have not talked in person with in a couple of years. She has invited me out to lunch, and to accompany her on a shopping errand. I look forward to this for two reasons. One is the wonderful food of the establishment we plan to visit, and two is getting out of the house. The only times I get out now are when I go shopping at the local grocery store, when I run or ride my bike, and the once a month trip to visit my friend who is nearly a hundred miles away. The reason she is out shopping like this, is because she now lives in another country, and some things there are more pricey, or unavailable. I’m just happy enough to get out, but I am looking forward to having conversations.

Update – 10 pages reviewed, looking forward to food.

Be friendly with your ex’s. There was a reason you were together, remember that, and be friends. If you cannot, at least you know you tried. There is already enough strife in this world, so why not allow a chance to cause more peace?

– Steven Oaks

One thought on “Once more to the editing

  1. I actually enjoy the editing process…with each edit, the novel gets better as the characters grow and become more real, you rid the story of unnecessary words, which of course makes for more realistic dialogue. You have a great outlook on “ex’s”…you’ve done some inner work!


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