Why Science Fiction

Why do I find myself writing science fiction? Perhaps it is because I have read hundreds, if not thousands of books in this genre. Also I find it an important playground of ideas. While you can theorize certain ideas in regular fiction, you are limited in what you can play with. Even in a near future, you can place new factors that you would not be able to do with a modern setting. You can ask important questions about how people might use technology, and what the world might look like. Given longer lives, or given greater tools, what might mankind do? In fantasy the question asked is, what might one person do, and that is important. However that is still examined in science fiction, but to me it seems you get a greater scope when you include everyone. Sure you can build a world where many have magical powers, and use it to shape that world, but that is not something that would happen in reality. Science fiction builds a world based upon today, but pushes us forward into a realm of speculative futures. These ideas may happen, and can even shape the way we deal with the technology of today. The greatest inventions of today may just be the playthings of those of tomorrow. Imagine the hand-held games of the past. We built upon those, and now have immensely powerful machines that allow us to communicate over vast distances, away from any physical connection. Many of us now have access to humanities vast knowledge built up over the centuries in the palms of our hands. We can with very little effort learn about anything. Type a few words, or even speak to our phones, and have the answer you requested answered. This allows more freedom than you can possibly imagine. Why go to a professional when you can easily learn how to do it yourself? Of course time is a factor, and you may have none. So they still come in handy when you are unable to do things yourself. But we are given the ability to do so now. We can also travel around the world from home. At least we can see places, and have virtual walks down roads of many countries we cannot afford to travel to now. Perhaps in the future we will be able to do so with greater abilities, and be able to hold conversations with those around us on those virtual streets. One may not even need to leave the home to have a vacation, and experience the scents of some far off land. And that is what science fiction does. It gives us the ability to imagine the future. As we want it, or as we fear it might be. We writers show a world that might be, and allow the readers to think on these ideas. The reader then can decide to fight for, or against such things happening. Like our dreams and our worries let us try to predict the future so we might be prepared. The science fiction author blazes the trail for those that read, and can help make the world a better place.

Update – 10 pages read. I enjoy very much what I’ve written, and little today had to be changed.

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” ― Gautama Buddha

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– Steven Oaks

Death and Dying

What do you leave behind?

Just a body that will rot?

Or will you imbue memories

on those that have not

Accomplish your dreams

For this is the only time

To share with your loved ones

the world which you shine

Risk it all

What is there to lose?

Except the chance

where you might choose

Find your passion

and push yourself ahead

waste no time

for soon you will be dead

Ask no permission

Do as you desire

This life is yours

live not in the mire


Update – 10 pages reviewed. Spent the rest of yesterday trying to cut down trees in my fences. Sad though it is, as they bear fruit, they are destroying not only my fence, but my neighbors driveway.

“The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.” ― Mark Twain

– Steven Oaks

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The ground dug deep

The soil tilled

Opened earth

with seeds are filled

Rain descends

with hope of sun

to let life bloom

in lands where was none

See them rise

In fields wide

We live because they grow

Our heads held high


Update – 10 pages reviewed. A garden was planted with hopes of harvest.

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

– Steven Oaks


What is the point of being polite? Why can’t we just rush forth with brutal honesty, and let others know how we really feel? Is there anything wrong with telling someone they are not welcomed when they come knocking on our doors unbidden? Well being so honest would certainly clear up any doubt as to whether you wanted them around. However we are not singular entities. We live in cities, and work with others. Even an author does not work alone. They have people who review their work, and have to advertise their creations. If I were to say that I did not like something, or someone, would that not limit the type of people who would read my books? I am not saying be dishonest, but be polite. Rudeness is something that casts sand into the gears of interacting with others, and politeness is the grease that allows us to work together without friction. I never turn aside an intruder into my daily life if I can as easily talk with them about the reason they have come. Of course if they persist when I state as diplomatically as possible that I am uninterested in what they have to sell me I might use the tool of rudeness. Rudeness is a last resort, at least before violence. All of us are people, and many are just doing their job. There is no reason to treat them any worse than you would treat your closest friend. And who knows you may make one in the exchange. Aggression is something that is needed at times as some will not be turned away, but again to do so right off the bad shows how little you care for your fellow person. Show kindness and you will find it more often than not returned. Show aggression, and you will find that as well. If you desire peace from your fellow person, show them the peace you wish to have.

Update – 10 pages reviewed. I find it an enjoyable thing to read, and I hope you will as well soon.

In truth, politeness is artificial good humor, it covers the natural want of it, and ends by rendering habitual a substitute nearly equivalent to the real virtue. – Thomas Jefferson

– Steven Oaks

Facebook and things

Perhaps you do not use Facebook, and I am alright with that. I just happened to have created a page dedicated to the fans of this page, and of the future books that will be published. Perhaps it was a bit preemptive to do so before anything is available to read, but I figured I should do it before I delve deeper into writing and editing the sequels. Feel free to like the page, and comment on what you would like to hear from me.


Update – 10 pages reviewed, looking to the future.

Why do tomorrow what you can do today?

– Steven Oaks

Belief in the Unknowable

Do you wake up and wonder where you have been while sleeping? Most of us would think that we have simply laid there in bed for the hours of rest while our minds wander with our own thoughts. Do we know this? Someone may sit with you while you sleep, and they could tell you they observed that you did not move from that spot. And yet you can retain memories from that other world that you dreamed of. Are those memories false, or are they in someway true? We only live in our own minds, and the world we observe exists only there. Dreams are the truth to you. They can be shared with another, but they will not hold the same truth to them. They would only see that you stayed in one place when you experienced this other realm. Our truth is personal, and it cannot be shared with another fully. You can describe everything you have lived through, but that does not make it a truth. I have seen people leap over tables to avoid food flung in a food fight. Something that no human could possibly do, as the table was massive and high off the ground. I have seen televisions flick to life while no cord has been plugged in. I can say these things, but that does not mean it can happen. I can list a multitude of unexplainable things I have experienced, but that does not mean it is truth. Our minds can be easily tricked, as they are not observing in a void. Past experiences taint what we see. There is no such thing as an observer without prior experiences. We may set a camera out to catch things happening, and yet they can be tricked, and can trick anyone who looks at it. Filming an apparent ghost, you could show it to anyone, and we would see a specter. We have been told since we were very young the frightening tales of apparitions, and a cloud of smoke unexplained will make us see things that are not there. The mind is powerful, and will make a world that you expect to see. Your life is your experiences. And you only have your own truth. Another may give you ideas if you let them, and you will see something like they do. But the world only exists within yourself.

Update – 10 more pages reviewed and enhanced. Life is good.

There is nothing here, and yet everything is.

– Steven Oaks

Is fiction a lie?

I sit here and think to myself today about working in fiction. I am writing a story based upon thoughts that I have had, and about events that have never happened. I am one who thinks lying is a terrible thing, and yet I am making things up as I go when I write. Am I then a liar? Are all fiction authors liars then? Well a lie is used to deceive others, and what I and others write in the fiction genre are known to be fictitious. Therefore there is no intended deception. I find great relief in that notion, as I have no interest in deceiving anyone. Ask me any question, and either I will answer it honestly, or say nothing. While I am not in myself an open book, I will not mislead anyone. Or at the very least attempt not to. Things can be read into silence, but what fills that void is what the audience thinks, and not anything from me. Liars hinder the listeners ability to have a true understanding of the world, and therefore keep them from making correct choices about things. Fiction is a playground filled with interesting thoughts, ideas, and understandings. As long as it is known that you are telling a tale, and not some fact, everything is fine. Even if it is misunderstood that you are telling fiction, you are not at fault. Take the War of the Worlds broadcast. It was always intended to be received as fiction, and yet some of the audience took it as truth. This was not the producers fault, as the listeners did not pay enough attention, and deceived themselves. The intent was entertainment, not mass panic. So again the authors of that audio play was not to blame for others misunderstandings. The things not said were taken and misinterpreted. So pay attention to the world around you, and do not let yourself be mislead. Truth is what you make it, but fiction is only a truth in your own mind.

Update – 10 pages reviewed, things going much smoother.

Listen my dear audience, the silence is filled with your own voice. The tale you hear is not one I shared, but the one you made. Enjoy or hate, but it is yourself that you reflect in the void.

– Steven Oaks


I sit pondering life

Am I to do anything?

What is the purpose for me to continue?

I rest in the middle of bookends

The weekend’s freedom is the farthest away today

And yet I work at things I wish

I gain nothing by stopping

So push on to those events you call pleasant

Giving up is not an option if you wish to change the world

I write to tell the tale that resides within

And nothing shall happen if I were to end


Update – 10 more pages rechecked. I feel better about things today.

Push on my friends, there is nothingness in doing nothing. Today shall pass, and the sorrows of the past shall fade away. Make your days count towards you goals.

– Steven Oaks

Time away from home

So yesterday I went out with the ex-missus and was able to spend time away from home. Since I had stopped going to a regular job I had little time, money, and opportunities to leave the house. So of course I wound up having a great time. The food was good, and being able to visit a bookstore after so long inspired me, but also depressed me. Here are hundreds of authors writing their stories. All of them established, and me with a single book that I wish to put out there. I feel as though whatever I write will be lost in the sea of competition. The black mood I feel has yet to be lifted, but I push on. Instead of working on the second book, I decided since I’ve yet to get my second editor to look at what I have made I would go back and look through the first book again. Mistakes were found, more than I thought I would locate. I realized now my first run through I had just been glancing at the first pages, and not delving into the story being related. I hope as I continue to reread that I find that I made fewer mistakes, and less story line errors. As I got nearer the end of the ten page goal of the day I did notice improvement, but I am still disheartened. And yet I know there is a good story there. Perhaps it was not as ready as I supposed, but I feel confident that it will be soon.

Update – 10 pages reviewed, feeling down.

“And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” ― Sylvia Plath

– Steven Oaks

Once more to the editing

I have finished what I can on the first novel, so I’ve moved on to reviewing my second one. Things are going well, and only a little needed to be changed based upon the last edits of the first book. I am still noticing a few misplaced words here and there, but I think that is mainly due to having just come off of working at a place that stressed me out so much. It seemed to start off rougher than the last book, so I changed it up a bit, and am now happier with what I have. The long process of re-reading begins anew, and at least I have it to work with. I might take some time while editing to begin the third book, but I have not decided yet whether or not that would be wise, as things may still changed based upon what I see.

Today I also plan to see my ex-wife, whom I have not talked in person with in a couple of years. She has invited me out to lunch, and to accompany her on a shopping errand. I look forward to this for two reasons. One is the wonderful food of the establishment we plan to visit, and two is getting out of the house. The only times I get out now are when I go shopping at the local grocery store, when I run or ride my bike, and the once a month trip to visit my friend who is nearly a hundred miles away. The reason she is out shopping like this, is because she now lives in another country, and some things there are more pricey, or unavailable. I’m just happy enough to get out, but I am looking forward to having conversations.

Update – 10 pages reviewed, looking forward to food.

Be friendly with your ex’s. There was a reason you were together, remember that, and be friends. If you cannot, at least you know you tried. There is already enough strife in this world, so why not allow a chance to cause more peace?

– Steven Oaks