Second day

So like I stated in my first post this is likely going to be a short simple update. Basically I’m starting out slow again, and I wrote 1,000 words for my second book today. I had to reread a bit to remember my place that I left off months ago, but it seems to be flowing well. I brought the old music back and it seems to get me in the mood. Now I did forget to mention a part of my method of writing yesterday. It involves Earl Grey Tea. I always brew myself up a nice flavorful version and after a few sips I find my mind is ready to tackle the daily trial of creation. No sugar, just caffeine and flavor. Now it has also become my habit to Vape on my ecigarette with earl grey flavor. Now before I get hate mail about how unhealthy it is, I will say it has let me stop smoking my pipe. I would smoke my pipe often, and heavily, and it was indeed detrimental. My teeth were getting stained, and my tongue even after brushing was giving me a burnt taste. And now over time I am reducing the amount of nicotine that I am consuming. Now doing my own personal research I show nothing that would suggest they are any worse than smoking, and much that indicates that they are less harmful. It is true we have no long term studies to show what the health risks might be, but I have a feeling that they are less than continued smoking. But I digress, this is supposed to be a short update.

So in conclusion, I wrote 1,000 words today for my book. I rambled on about things, and more words were placed in a certain pattern to convey some thoughts I might have had.

Good luck to all of you in pursuit of your dreams, and wish me luck as well.

-Steven Oaks

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